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In theBalm of Your Hand Eyeshadow

175 ر.س

The Balm eye shades with its charming colours that give your eyes an attractive look. It contains four organized colours that cn be mixed easily. It can be used dry, wet or light and it suites all tastes...


The Balm 6 Pack Mini Matte Hughes Kit 2

169 ر.س

The Balm lipstick set of 6 lipsticks comes in attractive colours for a brilliant and vitality look. It doesn't cause chapped skin and also used as a moisturizer for lips...


theBalm INSTAIN Blush, Argyle

89 ر.س

theBalm INSTAIN Blush, is what you need to give your cheeks a color that is perfect for any season and skin tones with its longwearing effects...


TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer - Highlighter Powder

95 ر.س

This highlighter, shadow and shimmer by theBalm, will reflect the light off of your skin to give you a subtle glow that will make you catch attention to illuminate your features in a fine way...


theBalm NUDE 'dude Eyeshadow Palette

160 ر.س

The Balm coated eye shades is characterized by a smooth, cremy relaxing touch. It gives an unprecedented wonderful look. Suites parties and evening occasions...


theBalm Schwing Liquid Eyeliner

85 ر.س

The Balm eyeliner is an eyeliner that gives your eyes gloss and glitter and it is also suitable for all skin types and it has a long lasting steadiness. It is composed of 12 colors that are suitable for either the morning or the evening view...

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